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Mini Rope Halter?

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Rope halters are also known as the cowboy halters. A cowboy's bond with his  horse is the stuff that legends are made of. The mystery and magic of how they communicate, how they respect each other and work together is acheived over time and "oneness". Animals are physical, touch sends messages. Rope halters are communicators for effective and natural horsemanship. 

The day you decide to train your mini you know you need a plan. If you are starting with a weanling, a young adult or a more mature mini remember both of you are bringing your own points of view to the training field. 

You know what you want to do, you have the game plan and the equipment. Your mini has your attention and trust, but probably has some reluctance to being pushed around if they don't understand your intention. So first of all be a good leader. Show your mini that you are sure of what you are doing. 

One of the best tools we have at Mini HorseFeathers is the Advantage Horsemanship Rope Halter for miniature equine. A rope halter is engineered to react on the horse's head when a horse pulls, the rope pulls behind the ears, puts pressure on the pole and is not comfortable. This means the horse will learn to give to pressure, by doing so he releases the pressure all over his head. Your horse will pull less and learn it cannot get free, which are all good lessons.

Many people don't like rope halters since they have to be tied with a correct knot. You may think it is easier to hook a buckle than to learn to tie a proper knot, but it just takes practice.

A rope halter needs to be tied properly. The end of the rope can interfere with training and slap and pop your horse in the eye. Learn the right way to tie a rope halter. Ensure the loose end of the rope halter always faces AWAY from the horse's eye and towards the horse's neck.

We encourage the careful, thoughtful and consistent practice of training miniature equine. Always take the time to learn the right way to train miniature equine. Sometimes you will find the right way just by "listening" to your mini. All the time you devote to your mini and his education will be create a Cowboy bond with your mini.

Tying a rope halter is simple. Click on the link below to watch a short video by Advantage Horseman demonstrating the correct way to fit and tie a rope halter.

Watch the Video

"My treasurers do not twinkle or glitter, they neigh in the night and glow in the sun."

from Cowboy Wisdom


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